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Amhof Trucking has its roots in Iowa agriculture. We began in 1975 as a one-truck operation, hauling grain from Eldridge, Iowa are farms to Mississippi River barge terminals. In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, the company expanded into hauling agricultural equipment from the manufacturers in eastern Iowa and western Illinois to other Midwestern states. As this venture began to flourish, more tractors and trailers were added to keep up with the demand.

In the mid 1980’s, the agricultural industry in the Midwest fell into an economic slump. As a result of this slowdown, Amhof began to diversify into hauling other types of freight which required different types of trailers and drivers of different expertise. This was the beginning of a new era for Amhof Trucking—the era of seeking out and providing the services for which local shippers were looking.

Amhof began to gear up to haul the commodities that the local shippers were having trouble moving. Expansion began occurring in areas that other trucking companies were neglecting—the special commodities that require special attention, highly-trained drivers and specialized equipment. New and different types of equipment were developed and built to haul the unusual types of commodities that the shippers were producing.

As a result, Amhof Trucking has experienced conservative and controlled growth to a current size of 85 tractors and more than 250 trailers of various types to accommodate the demand of our shippers. We have become known to many of our shippers with special needs as the only transportation company that is willing to meet their expectations.

Amhof Trucking is indeed a special company that dedicates itself to providing the type of service that a shipper requires. No matter what special equipment is necessary to perform the task—over-width, over-length, overweight or overseas—Amhof is up for the challenge.

Amhof Trucking is dedicated to safe and reliable truck transportation, and service to our customers is our prime objective. We have dedicated ourselves to always providing our customers with reliable service—every time.

Our focus on safe, reliable on-time service is legendary.

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